Trying to find breakfast dishes? In truth, all the vegetables in this recipe have healthy dosages of vitamins C and A (a half-cup of raw spinach has 1,400 IUs of vitamin A). Vitamin C is delicate Snacks Recipes with Bread to heat, so the C in this case originates from the fresh greens and the orange slices, instead of from the big serving of orange juice that cooks the meat.
This recipe includes bacon and an out-of-this-world creamy cheese sauce. Whether you’re hosting a huge Christmas lunch, or a light midday meal to tide you over till dinner, these recipes are guaranteed crowd pleasers. We wagered when you reheat this spicy five-ingredient dish, your colleagues will ask exactly what you’re eating.
These chicken avocado salad pinwheels function as an adorable party and a healthy lunch appetizer. We’ve gathered our most popular recipes, our latest additions and our editor’s picks, so there makes sure to be something appealing for you to attempt.